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Introducing DEENO’s Portable Power Stations: the Ultimate Answer to All Your Electricity Needs

Portable power station manufacturers design and produce small, lightweight devices that can generate and store electricity for various purposes. These manufacturers focus on creating compact and efficient power stations that can be easily carried and used in outdoor activities, emergencies, or remote areas with limited access to electricity. Today we introduce the manufacturer of the famous portable charging station – DEENO.

The biggest difference from other manufacturers

Through the innovative and cutting-edge DEENO Intelligent battery management system (DiBMS), also known as the “Digital Intelligence in Electrical Energy Management” concept, the company has consistently improved and developed in the field of battery intelligent management technology. Become the pioneer in the exclusive adoption of patented technologies, such as the dual protection system, two-way communication isolation system at UL1577 level, impedance tracking power SOC statistical algorithm, etc., and carry out all-round intelligent management in the monitoring, calculation, communication, and protection of the battery pack.

Wide range of application

Their products have a wider range of use. Not only can be used indoors but also can be used outdoors, when the power is not available in time, these products act as a backup power supply function.


Although DEENO is a manufacturer of portable power supplies, their footsteps never stop there. They continue to innovate and improve on these products to adapt to the development of The Times, by adding new technologies and new ideas, making DEENO the most unique presence in the global market.

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