Decoding the Most Attractive Football 3/4 Odds in the Betting World

If you are a longtime soccer bettor, surely the 3/4 bet is no longer strange. This is considered one of the bets that helps players make money the fastest.

Odds 3/4 These are odds that are not too strange to bettors. This is a type of bet that is often used by bettors with football. Its strength is that it helps players gain large profits with only a small amount of capital. Therefore, in this article, let’s learn about this type with  New88.
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Explain the meaning of 3/4 odds

The 3/4 handicap, also known as 0.75 handicap, is one of the popular bet types on soccer betting sites. New88. This type stipulates that team A is allowed to handicap team B by 0.75 goals. To win, side A must create at least two more goals than side B.

For new players, tracking and understanding the 3/4 odds is often difficult because it takes time. To avoid these shortcomings, new bettors should choose to bet on team A to increase the winning rate up to 90%.

Instructions on how to read for beginners

To understand the meaning of the 3/4 bet, we need to learn how to read the bet to know when we will win or lose. The house has determined the handicap at 0.75 and below are the cases you need to pay attention to:

  • The match ended with the upper team winning with a gap of 1 goal. At this time, the participant who bet on the upper team will win 1/2 of the amount. On the contrary, those who chose the underdog team will lose half of their money.
  • The stronger team scores points and creates a gap of 2 goals or more. At this point, those who chose the upper team will win the entire amount. The other side will lose the entire bet amount.
  • The weaker team can draw or win against the stronger team. In this case, the player who chose the upper team will lose the entire amount. Those bettors who chose the underdog team will receive the full amount.

Example of how to read odds

To help players better understand how to read  New88, some specific examples will be given.

Match between Vietnam vs Palestine

Let’s learn about the 3/4 odds in the match between Vietnam and Palestine on September 11, 2023. The bookmaker has determined the handicap at 0.75, with Vietnam considered the stronger team. The reward rates for the two teams are 0.91 and 0.73 respectively.

Suppose you have bet with an amount of 1 million VND. The result of the match was that Vietnam won against Palestine with a score of 2-1.

With this result, the 3/4 left bet is understood as follows:

  • Players who bet on Vietnam will win half of their original bet. So the bonus amount for them will be: (1/2) x (1000k) x (0.91) = 455k.
  • As for those who bet on Palestine, they only receive back half of their original bet: (1000k) – (500k).

Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone match

An interesting example of a 3/4 soccer bet is the match between Guinea-Bissau and Sierra Leone. The bookmaker has offered a handicap with an odds of 0.5/1. In this match, Guinea-Bissau is considered the stronger team and receives a handicap of 0.78. Meanwhile, Sierra Leone is considered the weaker team and has odds of 0.94.

When the match took place, the player placed an initial bet of 1 million. In the end, the result was that Guinea-Bissau beat Sierra Leone with a score of 2-0. According to the rules of 3/4 odds in this case:

  • The player will win if he bets on Guinea-Bissau with an amount of 1 million VND multiplied by the handicap (0.78), and will earn 1,780k including capital.
  • On the contrary, players will lose 1/2 of the amount deposited for prediction if they bet on Sierra Leone.

Through the example above, we can better understand the 3/4 odds in a soccer match and how to calculate them between the house and the player.

Points to pay attention to when playing 3/4 odds

The 3/4 handicap is a not difficult bet, players can easily win. However, difficult situations cannot be avoided when playing, so please read the following notes to increase your chances of winning prizes.
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Comments on the 2 teams

When participating in any soccer bet, players not only need to understand the meaning of the 3/4 bet but also know about the capabilities of the two teams. Normally, before each match, the house will provide assessment and performance information so players can review and bet accurately.

However, just relying on information from the house is not enough. Players should research and compare themselves to know which team is stronger and has a higher chance of winning. Important factors to pay attention to include: recent achievements, player characteristics and techniques, injury situation, etc.

Master the timing of betting

When playing soccer betting, just understanding the meaning of the 3/4 bet is not enough to win. Players also have to know when to start betting. During the 15-20 minutes after the match starts, players must observe carefully. After this period, the two teams will have a clearer playing style. Therefore, take at least 25 minutes to observe before starting to bet.

Don’t focus too much on external factors

Many people often think that the home team will have an advantage when they do not have to travel much, adapt to time zones, weather… However, strength is the most important thing. In particular, players need to consider recent performance and scoring history to know who has more overwhelming power, not just based on the away team – home team factor.

With these notes, you can win the 3/4 bet more effectively than ever. Please apply and be patient in each of your bets!


Above is the analysis of the extremely hot 3/4 odds at bookmaker  New88. The important thing when playing this type is to grasp the tips that we have mentioned. Hopefully after reading this article you will have more wins in the betting process.

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