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Simplify DNA Purification with Magen Biotech’s Exceptional Products

Effective purification of DNA is essential for accurate and reliable scientific research. Magen Biotech is at the forefront of developing exceptional products for DNA purification, offering researchers innovative tools to simplify their workflows and obtain high-quality DNA samples.

Streamlined DNA Purification Process with Silica Column Technology

Magen Biotech’s DNA purification process is based on state-of-the-art silica column technology. Firstly, the sample is lysed and digested using lysate and protease, releasing the DNA into the lysate. Next, the lysate is transferred to an adsorption column where the nucleic acids selectively bind to the membrane, while unwanted proteins are removed through filtration. Through extensive washing steps, any remaining impurities are eliminated, and the purified DNA is eluted using a low-salt buffer, ensuring minimal sample loss.

Magen Biotech’s Products: Reliability and Convenience

With Magen Biotech’s DNA purification products, researchers can enjoy the benefits of reliability and convenience. The optimized protocols of these products result in high yields of DNA fragments, enabling researchers to obtain sufficient material for their experiments. The low elution volume ensures a concentrated DNA sample, suitable for a wide range of downstream applications. Furthermore, the low alcohol binding method employed by Magen Biotech effectively eliminates inhibitors and protein contaminants, ensuring high-purity DNA samples. Magen Biotech’s products simplify the workflow and provide a streamlined DNA purification process, saving researchers valuable time and effort.


Magen Biotech’s commitment to delivering excellent products for DNA purification is evident in their innovative use of silica column technology. By providing reliable and convenient solutions, Magen Biotech empowers researchers to achieve consistent and accurate results in their DNA purification processes. Simplify your DNA purification workflow with Magen Biotech’s exceptional products and experience the convenience and efficiency of their state-of-the-art solutions.

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