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Forest City: Building a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Urban Oasis in Malaysia

Johor Bahru, Malaysia is the location of the enormous real estate development known as Forest City. One of the most significant foreign investments in Malaysia is now being constructed by a Chinese real estate developer known as Country Garden. The goal of the program is to create a city that is sustainable, friendly to the environment, and has a high quality of life.

This article takes a look at the development of Forest City. We are going to investigate the eco-friendly and sustainable aspects of the project, as well as its approach to resolving difficulties and disputes, as well as its future goals and potential outcomes.

The Continuation of Construction and Development

Construction at Forest City Malaysia has made progress from the year 2015. During the first stage of construction for this project, four man-made islands were constructed, and on those islands are now situated residential and commercial buildings. Both locals and visitors may access the islands quickly and simply by using the causeway and the bridge.

Environmentally Conscious and Self-Sufficient

The eco-friendly residence in Forest City has a number of characteristics that are sustainable. The city’s carbon footprint is reduced because to the installation of green roofs, rainwater collection systems, and solar panels, which also saves money on power costs.The development of more environmentally friendly modes of transportation, such as water taxis and electric buses, is encouraged. This results in less reliance on automobiles, which in turn reduces pollution levels.


The completion of Forest City will occur in phases over the next several years as the project is making good progress. The project has the potential to serve as a blueprint for the creation of environmentally conscious and sustainable communities in the future. Furthermore, it represents a significant investment in the growth of metropolitan areas that are focused on sustainability and wellbeing.

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