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EvoTec Power’s High Voltage Generator Set: Unleashing Power and Precision

With the launch of its ground-breaking high-voltage generator series, EvoTec Power,a top supplier of power-generating solutions sets new benchmarks for dependability, efficiency, and performance. Based on German generator technology and backed by years of research and development, EvoTec Power‘s three-phase synchronous high-voltage generator set represents a significant leap forward in meeting the demands of the domestic industry. With independent intellectual property rights, these generators combine German quality and characteristics with cutting-edge advancements to deliver unparalleled power output and precision.

Innovative Design and Manufacturing Excellence

EvoTec Power’s TH series high-voltage alternators are meticulously crafted in strict adherence to global industry standards such as IEC 60034-1, VDE 05030, GB 755, GB/T 15548, and more. This commitment to manufacturing excellence ensures that the TH series meets the highest industry benchmarks for reliability, safety, and performance. By incorporating the latest advancements in high-voltage generator technology, EvoTec Power has created a new generation of generator products that exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results.

Unmatched Voltage and Power Output

The TH series boasts an impressive maximum voltage of up to 13,800V, enabling it to meet the demands of even the most demanding applications. With a maximum power output of 4,125kVA, these generators are capable of delivering substantial energy to power a wide range of industrial and commercial operations. Whether it’s providing electricity for manufacturing plants, large-scale infrastructure projects, or critical facilities, the TH series ensures a reliable and robust power supply.

Compliance with Industry Standards

EvoTec Power’s high-voltage generator set is designed to comply with stringent industry standards. By adhering to the IEC 60034-1, VDE 05030, GB 755, GB/T 15548, and other relevant regulations, these generators guarantee the highest levels of safety, performance, and reliability. Customers can have peace of mind knowing that EvoTec Power’s generators are manufactured to meet or exceed industry standards, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.


EvoTec Power’s high voltage generator set, represented by the TH series, showcases the company’s commitment to innovation, precision, and excellence in power generation. With their independent intellectual property rights and adherence to international industry standards, these generators deliver unmatched voltage capabilities and high power output. Designed to meet the demands of the domestic industry, EvoTec Power’s TH series ensures reliable and efficient power supply for a wide range of applications. Choose EvoTec Power’s high-voltage generator set to unlock the full potential of your power infrastructure and drive your operations forward with confidence.

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