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Comprehensive Monitoring Made Easy

Unimed, a trusted brand in medical equipment, presents its Din compatible reusable ECG lead wire with an AHA connector, offering healthcare professionals a reliable and convenient solution for comprehensive ECG monitoring. With a package weight of 63.8g and 5 leads, Unimed’s ECG lead wire ensures accurate readings, ease of use, and optimal patient care.

Comprehensive Monitoring with 5 Leads

Unimed’s Din compatible reusable ECG lead wire is designed with 5 leads, allowing healthcare professionals to perform comprehensive ECG monitoring. The 5-lead configuration captures electrical activity from multiple angles, offering a comprehensive analysis of the heart’s performance. This configuration enables healthcare providers to make accurate diagnoses, monitor cardiac conditions, and tailor treatment plans to individual patients.

Lightweight Package for Easy Handling

Unimed’s ECG lead wire comes in a lightweight package weighing only 63.8g. This lightweight design enhances the ease of handling for healthcare professionals during setup and storage. Whether it is in a fast-paced emergency department or a busy clinic, the lightweight package reduces strain and facilitates efficient workflow. Unimed’s ECG lead wire guarantees a hassle-free experience without compromising on accuracy or performance.

Reliable Performance for Accurate Readings

Unimed’s ECG lead wire delivers reliable performance, ensuring accurate readings during ECG monitoring. The lead wire is meticulously engineered to provide a stable and consistent signal transmission, minimizing the risk of signal loss or distortion. With Unimed’s ECG lead wire, healthcare professionals can rely on precise data collection, enabling them to make informed decisions regarding patient care.


Unimed’s Din compatible reusable ECG lead wire, featuring an AHA connector, is a reliable and convenient solution for comprehensive ECG monitoring. With 5 leads for comprehensive data collection, a lightweight package weighing only 63.8g, and reliable performance, Unimed’s ECG lead wire simplifies monitoring procedures and facilitates accurate diagnoses. Trust Unimed to provide high-quality ECG trunk cables that streamline the monitoring process, promote accurate readings, and enhance patient care in various medical settings.

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